Introducing APS:

Advanced Fire Detection for Urban Interfaces


Thorr Enterprise proudly introduces APS, our provisionally patented fire detection system tailored for Urban Interface regions in our cities. Incorporating eight sophisticated equipment pieces, including an infrared thermal motion camera that can detect heat sources from up to 10 miles away, APS ensures unparalleled safety. Upon detection by our strategically positioned cameras, an immediate alert is dispatched to our 24/7 monitoring system, serving as the forefront of our defense strategy.


APS is meticulously engineered to counteract the needless deployment of resources on “false alarms.” Upon a heat signature being detected by our thermal cameras—overseen by our expert team—a dedicated self-dispatching drone, stationed at strategic locations, promptly takes flight. It captures an aerial perspective of the potential ignition point, ensuring its legitimacy before any extensive measures are taken.


Upon identifying a threat via APS, our adept team immediately relays this information to emergency services, such as 911, as well as other preselected local entities, like the Fire Battalion Chief, through the APS mobile app. This advanced system of early detection and prompt notification facilitates swifter responses from local, state, and federal agencies than ever before. A timely and precise reaction is paramount in quelling fires, safeguarding lives, and preserving property.

APS - Armor Protection Service

 Advanced Fire Detection for Urban Interfaces

Thorr Enterprise is proud to introduce APS, our provisionally patented fire detection system specially designed for Urban Interface areas within our cities. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the APS system promises rapid detection and accurate assessment to minimize the risk of Wildfires.

Why Choose APS?

Fires pose a constant threat to lives and property, having a system that promises early and accurate response is crucial. APS offers a comprehensive solution, ensuring that fires are detected and addressed at the earliest possible stage. By choosing APS, you’re investing in a system designed to save lives, protect property, and ensure peace of mind.

8 Components Delivering 24/7 Wildfire Monitoring Tailored for Each Location

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The 8 Components of Thorr Enterprise's



At the core of our APS system lies a fully customized Dahua Ultra Series Camera. This cutting-edge camera is meticulously programmed to fulfill its crucial role in detecting heat signatures and precisely pinpointing their locations. We offer two versions of these cameras, each tailored and calibrated to meet the specific requirements of the protected areas. Notably, our cameras excel in detecting fires within an expansive 50-mile radius.

Our Dahua Ultra Series Cameras boast a dual lens Pan and Tilt design, providing an all-in-one solution that proves highly advantageous for long-distance outdoor video surveillance. Combining advanced Thermal and Starlight technologies, these cameras deliver exceptional long-range capabilities even in low-light conditions. With one thermal camera for monitoring in complete darkness and another camera equipped with Starlight functionality and a motorized lens for close-up detail confirmation, this camera system offers comprehensive coverage.

What gives our cameras the advantage is their built-in fire detection functionality, enabling them to identify fires from considerable distances. Leveraging the thermal camera’s sensitivity to temperature, our system ensures superior fire detection accuracy compared to standard cameras, making it especially suitable for applications like Wildland Urban Interface fire prevention.


Designed for optimal functionality, the Hextronics Global Docking Station is a vital component of our APS system. This advanced docking station provides a temperature-controlled environment and seamless integration for the Mavic 2 Enterprise drone, ensuring its constant readiness for autonomous deployment. Equipped with six batteries, it allows for swift battery swapping in less than two minutes, enabling extended drone operations without interruptions.

Constructed with a durable anodized aluminum body, the docking station offers corrosion resistance and exceptional durability, even in extreme weather conditions. Its robust design ensures the safety and protection of the Mavic 2 Enterprise drone, while its precise geographical placement ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness in safeguarding the surrounding area.


The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance is a highly versatile and powerful drone that plays a crucial role in our APS system. Equipped with high-resolution thermal and visual cameras, this compact device delivers impressive performance. Its advanced features include up to 32× digital zoom and precise positioning accuracy.

With its omnidirectional obstacle sensing capabilities, the Mavic 2 Enterprise ensures safe and reliable navigation in all directions. It has an impressive range of 10km/6 miles and can reach speeds of 50-72kph (wind dependent), allowing for efficient coverage of large areas. The drone is capable of advanced thermal vision, which enables detailed recording of salvage and overhaul operations. This ensures comprehensive documentation and precise monitoring of containment efforts.

The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, making it an invaluable asset to our APS system. Its exceptional performance and reliability empower us to provide effective solutions for our clients’ needs.


All APS locations are equipped with the Tempest Weather Station, delivering accurate and localized weather forecasts. This advanced weather station operates wirelessly and requires no moving parts, ensuring easy installation and maintenance.

With the Tempest Weather Station, our APS system provides essential weather information including temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, wet bulb temperature, UV index, and more. Unlike general forecasts, our system offers precise data tailored to the specific location, enabling effective planning of the PACE model and ensuring crew safety in Wildland settings.

The Tempest Weather Station plays a crucial role in our APS system by providing real-time and reliable weather updates. By leveraging this advanced technology, our clients and first responders can make informed decisions and optimize their operations based on accurate and localized weather conditions.


To ensure uninterrupted connectivity, our APS system relies on the cutting-edge Starlink Satellite Internet package. As the world’s most advanced broadband satellite internet, it delivers high-speed and low-latency internet access to users worldwide. By leveraging a vast satellite constellation in low Earth orbit, Starlink revolutionizes internet connectivity by providing broadband capabilities enabling Thorr’s utilization for Drones as First Responders (DFR).

With its advanced satellites and user hardware, combined with our extensive expertise in spacecraft and on-orbit operations, Starlink enables our APS system to maintain reliable and high-speed internet connectivity for optimal performance.

In the rare event of any disruption to the Starlink Satellite internet connection, our APS systems are equipped with cellular backup to ensure continuous monitoring capabilities. This redundancy ensures that our system remains operational and capable of delivering real-time data and alerts, even in challenging circumstances.


Thorr Enterprise developed a mobile application for contracted users to receive crucial event information. Our customizable app ensures efficient information flow for operational decision-making. The workflow is as follows: Thorr employees receive a camera alarm for a heat source, prompting them to instantly deploy a drone within 1 minute and 30 seconds. Simultaneously, a notification is sent to both the contracted user and the Battalion Chief on duty.

The Battalion Chief receives location details, a fixed camera view, and an overhead drone view, empowering them to activate the appropriate emergency response or dismiss false alarms. On a ridge like in Saxony Canyon, for example, the Battalion Chief can split the response between the origin of the fire and addressing threats at the top of the ridge.

NFPA 1710 recommends an average response time of 80 seconds for turnout and 480 seconds (9 minutes and 20 seconds) for travel time in 90% of dispatched incidents. Thorr Enterprise provides on-scene visibility to Battalion Chiefs within 2 minutes and 30 seconds and possibly instantly.


Thorr Enterprise offers a wide range of services for cities and private landowners, leveraging the expertise of our skilled pilots. Our fleet includes various helicopters, from the versatile R22/R44 used for land surveying to the powerful Airbus Super Puma named the Inferno Cat, equipped with a 1000-gallon water dropping capability. Currently, the Inferno Cat operates under a Conaf (Chilean Forestry) contract in Chile, South America.

As part of the contracting process with Thorr Enterprises’ APS system, a flight over the contracted area is conducted. This aerial perspective provides Fire Chiefs and City Managers with a unique vantage point, showcasing the vast scope of life and property at risk within their cities. Additionally, we can identify areas of concern, such as hidden homeless encampments that may inadvertently pose fire risks due to warming or cooking fires. This comprehensive view allows for better planning and proactive measures to safeguard the community.


Thorr Enterprise LLC has developed an innovative Automation Software that is currently undergoing provisional patenting. This cutting-edge software is designed for autonomous triangulation and aerial asset positioning. By leveraging advanced algorithms and intelligent capabilities, our software enhances the efficiency and accuracy of aerial operations.

With our Automation Software, we empower our APS system to autonomously triangulate and position aerial assets, streamlining the response process. This technology enables precise and timely deployment of resources, maximizing the effectiveness of our operations. By automating key tasks, we reduce human intervention, minimize errors, and enhance overall system performance.

Thorr Enterprise LLC’s Automation Software represents a significant advancement in aerial asset management and positioning, revolutionizing the way we respond to critical situations. With its provisionally patented status, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, ensuring our clients receive the most advanced and reliable solutions.