Dedicated Fire Captain with more than 24 years of progressively responsible experience in the public service sector; serving both East and West coasts of North-America. He has extensive knowledge and expertise of Wildland areas from his participation in multitudes of full-scale campaign fires. Through his experience utilizing specific techniques, equipment, and training Chad learned how to protect countless lives, save property, and bring balance to the environment.

As an accomplished helicopter pilot, Chad skillfully combines his unwavering devotion to aviation and firefighting, culminating in the establishment of Thorr Enterprise’s Aerial Fire Suppression Services. This cutting-edge venture specializes in delivering unmatched fire mitigation solutions, conducting tactical training, executing precise aerial crane operations, spearheading cloud seeding nucleation initiatives, and consistently expanding capabilities to cater to the evolving demands of the aviation industry.

Chad’s unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence in aviation and firefighting serve as the driving force behind Thorr Enterprise, ensuring the delivery of exceptional aerial fire suppression services that exceed expectations and bring immense value to clients and communities alike.

Fernando ABASOLO


With a lifelong involvement in aeronautics, Fernando possesses extensive expertise and hands-on experience piloting a variety of aircraft. After over two decades of flying for major airlines, he ventured into the world of aviation entrepreneurship, where he crossed paths with Chad and Thorr Enterprise & Aviation.

Fernando’s aviation journey began as a hobby, later expanding into military surplus sales and government spare parts distribution. Almost 20 years ago, he transitioned to becoming a pilot for airlines. Prior to the Covid pandemic, he made the bold decision to leave the airline industry and pursue his own business. His primary objective was to establish a flight school and continue engaging in aerial operations, including firefighting, aerial crane work, seeding, cargo transportation, and VIP flights.

Now, united under Thorr Enterprise & Aviation, Fernando and Chad combine their experiences and shared passion for aviation to deliver exceptional services and redefine industry standards.



With over three decades of experience as an electrical engineer and esteemed industry expert, Alejandro has immersed himself in the world of robotics. His fervent dedication to designing, constructing, operating, and applying robotics ignited at an early age, predating his pursuit of formal education in Electrical Engineering. Alejandro’s profound comprehension of electronics, automation, and the ever-evolving realm of robotics positions him as an influential catalyst in pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

As the Managing Member for North America, Alejandro has dedicated more than 30 years to the electronic, automation, and robotics industries. From his unwavering pursuit of RC airplanes to becoming a skilled licensed private pilot, Alejandro now leverages his extensive expertise in GPS technology to develop Advanced UAV Technology. He aspires to apply his accumulated experience to drive Thorr Aviation towards “Excellence in the Air” and lead groundbreaking advancements in aerial technology.



Renowned as the iconic face of Duracell batteries, John Rayes has garnered widespread recognition for his presence on-duty. However, his illustrious career extends far beyond the realm of advertising. For many years, John served as a dedicated Fire Captain for the esteemed Elfin Forest Fire Department, embodying the spirit of public service and ensuring the safety of communities. With his recent retirement, he has seamlessly transitioned into a new role within the esteemed Thorr Enterprise Sales team, where he continues to harness his invaluable expertise and unwavering passion for making a difference.

Throughout his extensive tenure, John has made an indelible impact in the field of Wildland firefighting. His unparalleled understanding and wealth of experience in combatting wildfires have earned him a respected reputation as a trusted authority. 

Now, as a member of the Thorr Enterprise Sales team, John leverages his vast knowledge and expertise to enhance the company’s offerings and provide invaluable guidance to clients. Drawing upon his profound understanding of Wildland firefighting, he continues to shape the industry by fostering innovative solutions, establishing best practices, and forging strategic partnerships that redefine the landscape of fire safety and prevention.



As Thorr Enterprise’s Operations Specialist, Logan Miler combines his extensive background in UAVs, advanced technology, and engineering concepts to deliver comprehensive problem-solving abilities. With expertise as a licensed UAV pilot in various industrial sectors, including construction, public service, and surveillance, Logan consistently achieves exceptional results in the realm of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Logan’s career demonstrates an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. His experience in diverse situations equips him with valuable insights into precision and efficiency optimization. Additionally, his involvement in public service and surveillance enhances insight on safety measures and maximizes operations.

Through meticulous analysis, he identifies key factors and implements innovative strategies for optimal outcomes. Logan’s attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and reputation as a go-to professional solidify his position as a trusted part of Thorr Enterprise.